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PKN LC10004U

- Small size, lightweight 4 channels amplifier
- Worldwide operational range of mains voltage
- Output power and sound quality are independent from
Mains changes in very wide range (85Vac -- 275Vac)
- Strong double resonant power supply with PFC
- High output power and good pulse response
- Built-in U / I / no-clip limiters
- Bridged configuration ability
- High power conversion efficiency ,low thermal emission
- Improved reactive power handling/recycling capability
- 2way selectable fixed frequency hi/low-pass crossover
- Intelligent protective functions
- Two steps of built-in High frequency protection
- Soft-start, line overvoltage protection, 400VAC proof
- Large internal energy storage
- Cooling fans are hidden deep in the case, less noisy
- Rugged steel chassis in compact size
- No need for cooling air jamming filters, non moisture sensitive
cooling structure design, "Tropicalized"
- Designed and manufactured in the European Union (HUNGARY)
Sales price 2395,00 €

Products Table

PKN LC-4004U    4x 1000W 4R | 4x 1600W  2R

PKN LC-10004U   4x 2100W 4R | 4x 2700W 2.7R



Technical Specifications


Parameter PKN LC-4004U PKN LC-10004U  New!
Channel number 4 input / 4 output
Power requirements 85V - 270VAC, 45 - 56 Hz or 85V - 270VDC*  (400Vac proof**)
Max. Power consumption 25 A 50A
Typical Mains requirement with music signal 12A (110Vac), 6A (230Vac) "Fuse type-B" 20A (110Vac) , 10A (230Vac) "Fuse type-B or C"
Min. mains operational Voltage (prior UVLO activated) 59Vac
Max. mains operational Voltage (prior OVLO activated) 290Vac
Soft starting yes, very soft power-up sequence
Power Supply High frequency resonant includes active PFC
Mains power factor  > 0.94 (above 250W)
Mains connection 25A Neutrik Powercon 32A Neutrik Powercon
Working temperature range 0C - 45C
Storage temperature range -25C - 60C
Maximum Peak Output Voltage (per channel) 105Vp 155Vp
Output power @ 8 Ohms 4 x 500W 4 x 1200W
Output power @ 6 Ohms 4x 660W 4 x 1600W
Output power @ 4 Ohms 4 x 1000W 4 x 2100W
Output Power @ 2.7 Ohms 4x 1500W 4 x 2700W
Output power @ 2 Ohms 4 x 1600W 4 x 2600W
Bridged power @ 8 Ohms 2 x 2000W 2 x 5000W
Bridged power @ 4 Ohms 2 x 3000W 2 x 6000W
Minimal load impedance 2 Ohms
Frequency (+/- 3dB, 8 Ohms) 5 Hz - 36 kHz
Slew rate (Input HF filter bypassed) 50V / us
Damping factor ( 8?, range of 20Hz- 150Hz) >2000 >2500
Output Peak Current (per channel) 44Ap 56Ap
End stages PKN Improved fixed switching frequency Class D with true output feedback, reduced output HF carrier ripple circuitry
Output connection Four pole Neutrik Speakon (1+2+ in parallel 1-2- parallel)
Effective sample rate per channel 250KS/s
Gain ( Front knobs at 0dB) 39dB 42dB
Signal to noise ratio 104 dB 106 dB
Nominal sensitivity for max. output level (balanced) 700 mV (rms)
Input impedance (referred to ground) 10 kOhms + 10 KOhms ( +/- 1% )
Input terminals Neutrik XLR
Built in limiters Max. output level, output current, signal no-clip, sustained high-frequency, intelligent over temperature
Crossover Selectable fixed frequency 100 Hz HI-PASS filter, 120 Hz LO-PASS filter, 160 Hz LO-PASS filter
Protections Short circuit, Overload, Low impedance, thermal, DC fault, High-frequency
Cooling Forced air cooling with regulated, temperature dependent  DC fans hidden in the case for reduced FAN noise level
Direction of air flow Front to rear
Bridged configuration ability yes
Remote -
Weight 9 Kgs 11.6 Kgs
External dimensions 19" rack 483 x 460 x 44mm (1RU)



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