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D3682 EVO 5T BLACK (PAIR) 100V 16W / 8Ω 60W DAP AUDIO

D3682 EVO 5T BLACK (PAIR) 100V 16W / 8Ω 60W DAP AUDIO
100V 16W / 8Ω 60W Black
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evo 5 front
evo 5 back


This range of 2-way cabinets are available as low impedance or with line transformer to serve both small and large installs. 100V models have an easy accessible power tap switch to select your desired power (including low impedance option) before and after installation.

The included multi angled bracket offers a fast and easy installation and gives optimal orientation for both horizontal and vertical mounting. DAP audio Evo series is the perfect solution to fulfill installations in environments such as restaurants, retail stores, pubs, or even clubs thanks to their high performance components and extremely wide coverage.

The EVO series are available as standard models in various wattages and as 100V-range.


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Street:29 November No.9 1200
Tetovo , Macedonia
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