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Professional Audio Amplifier FP-10000Q
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Professional Audio Amplifier FP-10000Q

The FP-10000Q is a four-channel audio power amplifier, designed in class TD to deliver excellent sound performance, follow Lab.gruppen classical sample, engineers study and focus on make the audio signal goes more efficient while keeps the sound in perfect class AB way. Versatile four channel amplifier, adjacent channels bridgeable for 2 or 3 channel application.
High stable switching power supply solution, enable the amplifier works smooth and gives strong power 1300W x 4 to speakers, total 10000W (2500W x 4 at 2 ohms) in only 2U size, amplifier IC tube stick with heat sink allows the amplifier work in low resistance and well ventilation. Fine workmanship and careful select of electric components also be controlled in strict management.


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